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  • What services does On Point Agency offer?
    At OPA, we offer a wide spectrum of services, which you can find on our Services Page. These services encompass everything from customizable packages to individual solutions and add-ons. The beauty of our approach is that we tailor each plan to the specific needs and objectives of our client - we’re here to craft a strategy that’s as unique as your business.
  • What types of projects does On Point Agency thrive on?
    What types of projects does On Point Agency thrive on? We thrive when we can unleash our creative spirits. Projects like campaign planning and implementation, merchandise and branding development, video shoots, and setting up strategic, out-of-the-box year-long marketing calendars, energize our team and enable us to deliver exceptional measurable results.
  • How does On Point approach marketing differently?
    Our agency is a melting pot of diverse backgrounds, and we embrace our uniqueness. We proudly represent the misfits and weirdos while staying well-versed in mainstream and pop culture. This blend of creativity and cultural awareness allows us to create marketing campaigns and plans that stand out.
  • Who is On Point Agency’s ideal client?
    While we’ve worked with various clients, we’re passionate about collaborating with brands in industries that offer limitless potential for imaginative marketing. Our sweet spot lies in creating high-quality, creative content. We’re also people first: having a fit of personality is important to us too.
  • Can you share an example of a project that reflects your creative strengths?
    One of our exciting projects was collaborating with Hotline, a crypto-powered platform connecting creators and fans. We stepped in as their marketing department, crafting a brand voice, visual identity, and a successful go-to-market launch strategy for their product. Results included industry awards, organic PR mentions, and substantial growth on social media platforms and website traffic.
  • How does On Point Agency balance creativity with marketing strategy?
    Creativity is at our core, but we also understand the importance of a well-defined, data-driven strategy. We blend imaginative ideas with data-driven insights, ensuring that our creative endeavors are not just eye-catching but also effective in achieving our clients’ goals.
  • What is On Point Agency’s approach when working with new clients?
    At OPA, our onboarding process is all about aligning with your brand’s unique goals, identity, voice, and vision from the get-go. We dedicate focused time to brainstorming and strategizing during the proposal process. This initial step allows us to ensure that our agency is the perfect fit for your needs before a contract is signed on your end. It’s about making sure we’re on the same creative wavelength and ready to bring your vision to life.
  • What is your onboarding process?
    1. Pre-contract: Initial email: We’ve connected and sent our first hellos. You’ll receive our latest portfolio to peruse in the meanwhile as you wait for our first intake call. Intake call: We have a call where we dive into your business’s vision and pain points. We’ll discuss what’s happening in your business to determine if our agency is the right fit. If it is, we move on to the next step, the proposal. Proposal: We work with you to develop a tailored plan of action we believe is best to solve your problems. Review call: We will walk through the proposal together to make sure that our suggested solutions and services meet your exact needs, or whether something needs to be adjusted. 2. Contract: We sign the contract online because we are a digital-first agency. 3. Post-Contract: Onboarding Document: You’ll receive a comprehensive onboarding document that provides a detailed breakdown of your contract, the next steps in our partnership, and access to folders that grant you full transparency. This way, you can track the progress of our work in real-time. Onboarding Call: We believe in building and forging strong relationships from the get-go. During this call, we’ll introduce you to our dedicated team members who will be working alongside you on this journey. Additionally, we’ll use this opportunity to establish what we need from you and to set up the tools we’ll use for communication and coordination between our agency and your team. Check-in: At the end of your first week with us, we’ll send you a quick update to keep you in the loop on our progress. If you find this level of detail helpful, we’ll continue providing regular updates at the end of each week.
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Our onboarding process is all about transparency, collaboration, and setting the stage for a successful partnership tailored to your unique needs and objectives. If this aligns with your values, get in touch now.

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